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Robin Holloway: Partita for piano solo
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A commission from Angela Hewitt to mark her 50th birthday, and by her request a hommage to the composer in whose music she first made her name. I knew of the extra canons sketched by Bach in the back of his personal copy of the published Goldberg Variations. Seeking them out was to be disappointed (at first). They seem, after the artistry and invention of the canons in the monumental completed opus, to be strangely featureless; even desultory. My solution was to run them together into a scheme of unfolding tampi and modulations, from simplest to fullest, as centre of a multi-sectioned Partita with overture, intermezzo, pastorale and epilogue on original material only loosely related, or not at all, to the Goldberg bass and the polyphonic puzzles built over it.
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