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Scenes from Antwerp, op.85
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Bayan Northcott, hearing a recording of Scenes from Antwerp's première in the city it celebrates, exclaimed "but it's a Concerto for Orchestra!"  Why not?  after evoking North Africa in the Second Concerto for Orchestra, then South America in the Third, this depiction of the Burg on the Scheldt with its vast rainy gull-filled skies and extravagant late nineteenth-century architecture?  But the title once given can't be revoked.  A poetic portrait, like Delius' Paris or the London of Elgar and Vaughan Williams, in the form of a sort of concerto grosso for orchestra, prominently featuring a great Belgian invention in a slow movement centred upon two singing saxophones.  The fruit of a 2-year association with the Royal Flanders Philharmonic Orchestra and its then principal conductor Grant Llewellyn
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