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Lights Out, op. 24In the Thirtieth Year, op. 25Author of Light, op. 26The Leaves Cry, op. 27
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A single commission, the four song-cycles op. 24 to op. 27 were deliberate essays in contrasted intonations:  the deep-hue'd bittersweet English pastoral of Edward Thomas (Lights Out, op.24);  the spare angular harshness of Cunningham's mordant epigrams (In the Thirtieth Year, op.25);  evocation of Elizabethan / Jacobean lute- and consort-song in the contralto set (Author of Light, op. 26);  finally an extended plunge into pantheism ecstatic or meditative, with the intertwined Stevens and Rosetti in The Leaves Cry, op 27. 
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